Name: Rudy Monster
Age: 37
Home: A house out in Hackensack


Rudy is a red, furry monster who originally hails from Little Furry, NJ. He went to Bergen Community College for his AS in Computer Science, and he currently works as a contract programmer for various clients. He has a soft spot for strays, which is why he’s got a house full of them. He met Wellington a few years back at New York Comic Con, and the two of them hit it off when Rudy correctly identified Wellington’s costume as being Londo Mollari from Babylon 5.

Rudy adores Bruce Springsteen, and would love to someday be able to meet his idol. He plays saxophone in a band that he’s formed with his good friend Troub called “Turnpike Offramp Flotsam”.

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Rudy Headshot