Name: Troubadour
Age: “is just a number, mate…”
Home: The stage. The tour bus. The recording studio.
Email: “… a what, now?”


Troubadour has been touring the country in one rock band or another since… well, far enough back that he can’t quite remember the exact date of his first gig! A skilled lead guitarist, Troub first met Rudy Monster one rainy night “down the shore” while filling in with his friend Glen’s band at the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Rudy and Troubadour struck up an immediate friendship over a shared love of music—particularly Springsteen.

When not on the road, Troub and his bass-playing girlfriend Lyra enjoy Saturday night jam sessions at Rudy’s house. (“The furball plays a mean sax, man…”)

Troubadour Headshot

lyra profile pic
Name: Lyra


Troubadour’s girlfriend. The bass player for the band. British. Doctor Who fan.