Packy Anderson

Packy and Rudy

Packy and Rudy

Packy is just this guy, you see?

Born during the Johnson Administration (Lyndon B., not Andrew), Packy Anderson is the both the “Pac” in PacKay and the old man of the group.  A computer programmer by trade (like his alter ego, Rudy, though Packy specializes in Perl while Rudy specializes in Ruby), he lives for the time he gets to spend telling stories with puppets.

But puppets aren’t Packy’s only creative outlet: he’s both an actor with community theater credits such as Prince John in The Lion in Winter and The Padre in Man of La Mancha, and a sound designer who garnered a Theatre Association of New York State “Excellence in Sound Design” award for his work on the Richard Rodgers musical about Noah’s Ark, Two by Two.

It was while he was playing Harry the Horse in Guys and Dolls in 2005 that he met his future wife, Kay (who, by the way, was playing Sergeant Sarah Brown, “The Mission Doll”).