Kay Koch

Kay Koch HeadshotKay grew up in Scotia, New York somewhere in the hustle, bustle & blur of the 80s/90s. Childhood hobbies ran the gamut from writing “books” in crayon about her latest adventures, to putting on puppet shows in cardboard boxes, to serenading her entire neighborhood with impromptu backyard concerts. When she joined Drama Club in high school and continued on to earn her bachelor’s degree in Musical Theater at Russell Sage College, exactly no one was surprised!

Her favorite theatrical roles to date include brassy Sister Robert Anne in Nunsense, fabulously French Liliane La Fleur in Nine, muck-raking (literally) Penelope Pennywise in Urinetown and the comic older female ‘authority figure’ in Hairspray.

While Kay has brought a gung-ho, “do it yourself” positive attitude to every show she has ever been attached, it has served her particularly well in the creation of PacKay Productions. She co-founded the company with her husband Packy back in 2011—

—get it? Pack. Kay. PacKay? (And you thought you had the portmanteau market cornered, Brangelina!)

The PacKay trifecta was solidified when Kay bumped into fellow Jim Henson-loving, 80s kid “sister” Jen Ponton. It’s been puppets, music and mayhem ever since!

Kay is the primary script writer, designer and puppet builder for PacKay. As a performer, she has poured a little part of her personality into each of her main characters: Ket T. Cat (the peppy little whirling dervish she used to be), Wellington P. Sheep (the uber-nerd she was never quite brave enough to be) and Troubadour (the English rock & roll guitar god she wishes she could be!).

In her spare time, Kay likes to… well, okay, there isn’t much spare time these days, but when the good ship PacKay drops anchor for the night? She’s likely to be found splayed out on the couch in a Queen t-shirt and PJ pants with a few of her favorite “Golden Girls”, a Marvel movie (or three) and her Siamese cat!