Who We Are

We at PacKay Productions remember what family TV was like in the good old 1980s—crazy neighbors, ridiculously catchy jingles, fuzzy monsters—and boy do we miss it!

So… we brought it ALL back.

(Without the crimped hair, mullets and acid-washed jeans.)

(You’re welcome.)

See, once upon a time, parents could sit down with their kids and, not just “tolerate” what was on TV, but enjoy it right along with them! “Family programming” used to mean something, and our goal is to bring that whole wonderful genre roaring back to life.

As a grassroots company that first sprang to life in an underground workshop, (is that a Fraggle hole over there??) PacKay Productions is serving you old school the only way we know how.

It’s time to return to the best parts of your childhood: the long nights in front of TGIF, the days when MTV was the coolest… and perhaps a magical joy ride or two in your trusty DeLorean?

Because where we’re going, we don’t need roads…

Our Team